The Family Book

family book coverThe Family Book by Todd Parr is a colourful book showing how families can be different while maintaining the essential things that make a family a family.  It saddens me that this is a banned book in some places because of it’s references to same sex parents.

Parr uses a variety of animals and people to show every type of family I can think of without placing any as better, or more normal, or different unusual than others.  20160126_201940 This is one of my toddler’s favourite books because of it’s bright colours and simple images but the children in our group (eldest is 6) all enjoy it and it’s one that gets asked for when it’s free choice story time.


This is one of my favourite pages as it touches on a big subject but is open to interpretation so the children can understand on may levels.


Todd Parr has written several books in this style, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of his work.

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