Winter Animals Worksheet

Today at Bright Lights (Sunday School) we looked at what animals do in the winter.  I normally source worksheets from teaching resource websites but I couldn’t find anything that covered the subject in the way I wanted so I made one myself.

The animals are, hedgehog, dormouse, butterfly, swallow, lizard, snake (duh), goose and fish.

The migrating ones are the swallow, goose, butterfly and fish.

The hedgehog, dormouse, lizard and snake hibernate.  Technically reptiles don’t hibernate as it is something only mammals can do but they do sleep through the winter.

We discussed what migrating and hibernating was, did the worksheet and made nests from leaves such as a hedgehog may make to hibernate in.

The children then played at being hedgehogs.  Curling up in to a ball when I pretended to be a predator and snuffling at the ground for worms.  It was a very comical sight.
Activity Tips – For younger children I would pre cut the animals.
If you are colouring in the animals, do this BEFORE sticking or the damp paper will rip.