Story of a Brave Girl and Boy from Pakistan

malala iqbal coverThis is a double book telling the story of Malala and Iqbal, two children who were injured whilst standing up against injustice.



Malala, is reasonably well known but the iqbalstory of Iqbal is less familiar.

Iqbal was taken to work in a factory from the age of 4 as he had been used as security against a loan taken out by his parents.  Several years later, he attended a Builder’s Union meeting and discovered that for the past few years, he had been kept working illegally but due to a corrupt government and police force the law had never been enforced.  He spoke to the crowd and they rallied to get him and his fellow slaves free.

Iqbal then traveled the country and the world, speaking out against child slavery and it is estimated that over 3000 children escaped after hearing his story.  He also traveled abroad to tell his story and wanted to become a lawyer to fight for all bonded children to be free.

At the young age of 13 he was shot dead.

malalaFor those unfamiliar with Malala’s tale, she and some other girls, continued her education in the face of great obstacles, including being shot in the head.  The world, inspired by her story pulled together to transport her to the UK where she survives and now travels the globe, telling her story and raising support for girls who do not get an education.  She is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.

We did two sessions on this book, both exploring the theme of standing up for justice.

The session on Iqbal can be found here.  Malala to follow.

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