Martin Luther King

In keeping with our theme of Justice and to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday (January 18th).  He is the subject of this session.

We have A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr., which is an informative image lead biography.  There is a nice YouTube telling of it too.

There aMLK Task imagere many many Martin Luther King Jr. resources around.  I wanted something that could spark conversation so decided on this from Teachers Pay Teachers.

There are various statements and the children have to decide if they are just or unjust.  They range from the reasonably straight forward “Teachers choose the kids with nice clothes to be student of the week” to the more complex, “Parents make decisions for their kids”.  It has some American vocabulary but I plan on reading the statements aloud so will translate on the go.  You could miss out or rewrite the relevant cards.

For an older group of children this could be a pair work or small group activity.  It might be interesting to see how their choices compare and would be a good discussion point for the wider group.

After dividing the statements, the children have the opportunity to come up with their own just and unjust statements.

20160117_120835This session worked well with our 4-6 year old group.  There was some more time at the end of the session so the children drew pictures of things they would like to change in the world.


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