Grandfather Ghandi

Written by the grandson of Mahatma Ghandi, Grandfather Ghandi is a story of a very personal moment in a very public life.  Arun and his family have left tgrandfather ghandi coverheir fairly typical life to live in his grandfather’s village.  Arun is happy and excited to be living with his grandfather but he does not fit in very well as the way of life is not what he is used to.

One day he loses his temper at another child and feels he has let down his family name.  “How could he, a Ghandi, be so easy to anger?”  His grandfather explained in a beautiful manner that everyone, even he, feels anger but it is how you channel the anger that matters.

We really liked this book, the illustrations are evocative of a hot and dusty environment and the story was easy for the children to relate to.  It assumes some prior knowledge of Mahatma Ghandi, which I didn’t cover.  This would have helped with the children’s understanding of the situation at the start of the book and the reverence that he was held in, but the story itself is of the relationship between a grandson and grandfather and this came across well with the children.

We had a conversation about why people get angry and what happens when they do.  Also about how to channel the energy of anger in useful ways rather than destructive ones.

The children were then invited to draw pictures depicting how it feels to be angry, here are some of the images created.

Ghandi kids pics

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